Bottled water helps people make the choice to drink more water -> As it’s convenient for people on the go.

In fact, 40 percent of all water servings come in the form of bottled water, according to Kantor Panel Worldwide.

At some point, most of us have had “drink more water” on our to-do list. But most of us also know that it’s easier said than done. You fill up a bottle when you get into the office, and then run to your morning meeting.

  • There are undeniable health benefits from drinking an adequate amount of water each day – water is essential for life. The British Nutrition Foundation advise that water is the only fluid which they recommend as drinking ‘plenty’ of
  • The human body is made up of more than 60% water and performs vital roles – carrying nutrients and waste products between major organs, regulating body temperature, lubricating our moving parts, stabilising metabolism, acting as a shock absorber and regulating our
    appetite – therefore this level needs to be responsibly managed
  • Our brains are 73% water*(1) – poor hydration can have adverse effects on our brain function
    – Sipping water throughout the day will seriously help hydration – in turn this may improve general energy levels and wellbeing
  • Water should be accessible at all times – bottled water is the convenient way to ensure this
  • Bottled water is good for you and should be the preferred hydration choice. Sugary fizzy drinks and fruit juices contain many empty calories and other additives which many consumers prefer to avoid – bottled water is calorie free!